WA/SMS 081945575656 (XL), Sepatu Safety Jogger Dakkar 019, Grosir Sepatu Safety Bekasi Murah

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Terbuat dari bahan berkualitas tinggi, memiliki Steel Toe Cap dan Mid Sole Steel untuk keamanan dalam bekerja. Bahan lining sol sangat nyaman di kaki.

Model description :
Leat her shoe, water repellent, brown , Nylon mesh lining, antistatic, puncture resi stant steel sole, shock proof, antislip, steel toe cap, S3 PU/PU sole.
Application areas:
Construction, Manufacturing.
Precaution and mainte
nance of the shoe :
To extend the life of your shoes, we recommend to clean them regularly and to protect them with adequate products.
Do not dry your shoes on a radiator, nor nearby a heat source