Safety Shoes KEN’T tipe CELEBES

KENT CELEBES is the KENT brand (sepatu safety) quality is no doubt. Widely used large-scale projects at affordable prices can select colors. Steel toe cap provide maximum toe protection and comfort standard EN 12568, ANSI Z-41-1991, impact strength 200 joules. Compression resistance 20 KN.
Nitrille rubber outsole
Heat resistance
Up to 300ᵒC
Polyurethane outsole
Heat resistance
Up to 100ᵒC
200 joules toe cap, oil resistant, petrol and chemical resistant, heat resistant, anti static, anti slip, slanted heel, shock absorber, achilles tendon protect, steel midsole pierce resistant (optional), optimum quality control.
Safety Shoes Kent Recomended For:
Oil&Gas, Mining, Manufacture , Plant, Construction, Cargo, Shipping, Hotel, Hospital, Bikers.