BATA BICKZ 720, Distributor Sepatu Safety Shoes BATA Murah Balikpapan

Sepatu Safety Shoes BATA BICKZ 720 :
Light footwear, comfort and flexible shoe.
Size : From 35-47 / 2-12 (inci 6.5& 9.5)

Description :
Safety shoes, made of leathe. Excellent physical and chemical properties. polyurethane midsole with low density. Outsole in polyurethane ultra lightweight. High Density, excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and their derivatives. Injected directly into the Upper, S3, water and slip resistance.

Maintenance :
To keep footwear in usable conditions it is recommended to maintain it always clean and polished. It wet, shoes should be dried at room temperature. Never heat at slove.

Sectors :
Manufacturing, Hiking, Construction, Transport & Logistics