AP Boots Seri AP S3

The Best Safety Boots Ever Made
Well, available for you is the AP Safety boots. The first categorized S5 PVC boots in Indonesia which has EN-20345 safety standards. AP Safety has a protective steel toe cap which is available with the power that can handle up to 200 joules. It is still added with a safety coating on the soles which is made from anti translucent steel plate. In addition to the yellow or white color, AP Safety can also be gotten in the choice of green or penthel combination colors. Completed with anti-fungal and microbial sanitized feature. Such thing will definitely guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of the wearer. Also uses 3M Scothlite Reflective Material stickers which are attached at the back part of the shoe. This is actually an additional international security standard which is added especially to add the comfort for the wearer to wear the shoes in low light area. The textile material is guaranteed that is free from dangerous chemical matter usage which is based on Oeko-Tex standard. Well, this standard is the same with the one which is applied for the baby things.
Therefore, it is sure that the safety and comfort of these shoes are above average. In short, there is no need to question the greatness of these shoes. There will be no regrets in choosing these boots. With such high standards, it is sure that your feet will be totally protected and you can still look stylish by considering the great appearence. These boots are available with the sizes which are ranging from 5-13 (UK), 39-46 (Fr).

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